The Call

What an exciting moment. To get the phone call that after 18 months of respite care, we were being asked to look after a baby for a weekend.
I can tell you, I was just a LOT bit excited, and then, a lot bit terrified.
It was something I had wanted for so long, and now the moment was drawing closer, all those voices of people who over the years have thrown at me “what would you know, you’ve never had a baby.”
What if they were right? What if I had no idea? What if I wasn’t able to care for this little person?
The week leading up to our weekend I fluctuated from being like a little kid waiting for Santa to come, to the opposite, worried, scared, cautious.
What if didn’t hear baby cry during the night? What if, what if, what if….


One thought on “The Call

  1. Our first case was a one month old and her 10 month old sister…two babies, just a month after our certification for a foster home cleared. We did have about 8 hours notice, and then when the babies showed up, the one month old had a heart monitor. I felt like I was in a dream, and was SO paranoid! But, if they’ve survived their “bio” home, I’ve learned it’s a walk in the park to be in our home…that thought has helped me through a lot!

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