What is respite care?

Something I get asked a fair bit is “what is respite care?”

Respite care is mostly over weekends or during the school holidays.
It’s providing short term care for children when their long term carer/s need a break.
It’s a great opportunity for the children to spend time with other people and to have new experiences.

From our placements, we have provided respite to a range of children for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes they are one off placements as the carer’s have to go out of the state, or it could be regular monthly respite for children. Perhaps they have special needs, challenging behaviours, or they need an opportunity to interact with new people and form new relationships or just to give the long term carers a weekend to spend some quality time with their own biological children.

Why did we choose to do respite care?

Well, at the time I applied to become a carer, I was living on my own and having not had children of my own, I thought it was a great way to see how I went with it. One weekend here and there…nice and easy. We are now doing 3 weekends a month of respite, and having one weekend off for ourselves.
We have some regular kiddies, and we also have kids that just need respite for a one off.

Respite care is like being a “grandparent” for the weekend. Giving children a great weekend with memories they can treasure for years to come.


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