The generosity of strangers

What a day *contented sigh*

We went to visit my parents today and a friend of theirs popped by to drop off some things that my parents are going to store for them while they’re moving.

This lovely man, that I’ve only met a couple of times before, and MM has never met, asked if we knew anyone who needed any beds as they had some kids beds to get rid of.

Well, we’ve been thinking about getting a third bed, to give siblings a choice of having their own rooms when they stay here or to share a room, so this was a great opportunity. We would have been happy for Mr and Mrs B. to just drop off one of their choosing to my folks, but no, we had to go round to their house and choose. So, off we went.

When we got to their home, we explained why we were looking at another bed, and next thing we know we have a ute full of things to bring home.

Seems they like what we’re doing with foster care (it appears as though Ma and Pa have been raving about all our babies) and we came home with :

  • Single Bed
  • Trundle Bed
  • Bike
  • Ride on car for little kid (think Fred Flintstone style)
  • Hundreds of $$ worth of clothes, swimwear and sleepwear for girls in various sizes, some brand new with tags still on
  • Boots and rain boots in various sizes
  • Hats
  • Books
  • Kids out door chairs

I have spent all afternoon and evening smiling at MM, and, I will confess, I’ve gotten a bit teary too, at the overwhelming generosity of these people. We asked how much they wanted for everything that they have given to us, and the answer was, No, just give it a good home, the kiddies need it and anything you don’t want or need, pay it forward. And we will.

Mr and Mrs B….you are amazing people and your kindness today for the little people that come into our home has made my cup runneth over. I wish you all good things and on behalf of the kiddies that will get the benefit of your goodies, Thank you.

Thank you so very much.


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