Ahhhh. Weekend off

What a night.

We’ve just returned home from an information evening held by the agency we foster through.
How exciting, MM and I were invited along to chat to people about our experiences as foster carers, and, they gave us chocolates as well!
Talking about what we love and chocolate.
Does it get any better?

Well, I thought for a change, I would get MM to write a few words about tonight as I’m still far too excited, and will ramble on for hours.
Now to go get him….Oh MM…..

OK. Here goes…. As previously mentioned, we went to an info night for potential Foster carers. The Ladies holding the info night went through some of the details that the visitors needed to know.
We got introduced and got asked a few questions and we replied with gusto about all the wonderful things that have happened to us since we started foster care.

There were 3 couples there tonight and all of them asked questions of us and I’m sure they could see the passion we have in what we do. It was the same in the intermission, a couple of the people wanted to ask us more questions, which was good also.

All in all it was a good night, the potentials did seem interested.

It was nice to be asked along to say things from our point of view, and for that we need to thank the agency for the opportunity. – MM

Many thanks to our support worker for all of her ongoing support, to the agency for all of their support, and for the opportunity to share with others.

Next on our agenda, a weekend off.

Time to relax, reflect and for me to come up with at least one “MM, I’ve been thinking…”


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