A time for us

Well, the weekend is drawing to a close and we’ve had a lovely kid free weekend.

Don’t get me wrong, we love what we do, but we also love each other and know that to keep our relationship strong and ourselves fresh for the kiddies, we need to take time out. We can’t be the best carers we can be if we’re running on empty, and I can tell you, some of the kiddies run our tanks pretty empty.

The kiddies we provide regular respite for generally are special needs or have some seriously challenging behaviours, after all, that’s why their carers need respite isn’t it? So, it’s important that we give ourselves time to recharge as well.

So what does a weekend without kids look like for us?
Well, there’s no point in having a weekend off if we spend the whole weekend doing chores.
We’ve slept in, visited my parents, had actual conversations with my parents and with each other without the little interruptions, done some chores and today, we’ve spent a good chunk of the day on the couch watching movies together.

What’s your favourite thing to do when kid free?


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