It gets better

Little “Terrance” was only with me for 36 hours.
A short one off respite placement so his carers could go to a wedding.
I spent a couple of hours in tears after he went home. I wondered if I had it in me to do this. By this I mean, foster, give them back, get attached, have my heart broken.

I am blessed, I don’t have lots of friends but those I do have are amazing.
With friends living all around the country we stay in touch online, so I got onto Skype. Hopefully, someone would be around, and they were. There were a few around, and they knew that I’d had my first placement so they were waiting to hear how it all went. I was able to chat to them and cry at the same time. It was so good to be able to talk to friends and with their help I was able to focus on the awesome weekend that I’d just had and not on the sadness I now felt at the little man going home. By the time I spoke with my support worker the next day I was feeling much better about the situation.

About 3 months after this placement the agency that supports me had their annual Christmas Picnic for families and I was reluctant to go, not yet being a “family” (MM was living interstate and as I don’t do long or short term care I didn’t really think I belonged) but, with some encouragement from MM I went. Best thing ever….thanks MM for pushing me to go.

When I got there I was told “Terrance” was there. Where he was playing with his new family was pointed out to me, but I thought I wouldn’t intrude. I really didn’t think he would remember the lady he spent a day and a half with.

An amazing thing happened shortly after arriving. The little fella run across the picnic area to come and give me a hug. His first words to me “When can I come for another sleepover?”

All afternoon he kept popping over to see me. He even brought 2 of his bio-siblings to meet me.

I just don’t have the words to explain how awesome it was for this little man to not just remember me, but to also give me a hug when he saw me and when he was going home, and to ask for another sleepover. Words just can’t explain the feeling adequately.

“Terrance”, thank you for saying hi to me at the picnic. That small action from you means the world to me.

What’s your most memorable moment from your first placement?


3 thoughts on “It gets better

  1. Though I am quickly phasing out of respite care (because of some of the messages it sends to U.S. foster youth), my first respite kid was a really cute two year old girl (who I kept for four weeks). The first day I had to take her to work with me because my boss needed something that weekend. She was the most laid back toddler and just enjoyed being around people.

    She hung around an office all morning playing with my co-workers and was an all around joy. She was later adopted by a friend of mine who had met her while she was in respite with me. I still see her.

    • I’m so happy that you still get to see her.
      We have an Easter Picnic coming up, so we may get to see a few of our babies that are still in the same agency. Very much looking forward to it.

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