How was your life different before becoming a foster carer?

It was oh so quiet.
I worked more hours.
If I wasn’t working, I slept in on weekends.
I had more time to read.
I owned more M rated movies than G, and now it’s the other way around.
I spent less time googling how to raise children and more time looking at fashion online (I’d rather shop online than in store, those lights in the fitting rooms…arghhhh!)
The photos on my computer were mainly of my niece, now there’s hundreds of photos of “our babies”.
Life was about working and paying bills.

It’s about giving the kids that come into our home a great weekend.
It’s about working less and living more.
It’s about giving the kids life skills they can use for the rest of their lives, whether it’s cooking time, or helping them manage their anger, or just having a laugh.

Do I miss the extra money from working the long hours I did?
Yes, a bit, but…

I think I’ve finally found the work life balance that works for me.
I love what we do, and wouldn’t change a thing.
Falling into bed at the end of the day, whether it’s been a fun day or a testing day is so much more rewarding than any job could be, and that’s from a woman who love’s her work.

What’s the biggest difference in your life since becoming a foster carer?


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