What has been the response from your family and friends?

Quite simply, the general consensus was “ABOUT TIME!!”

There were a couple of friends who played devil’s advocate and we had a long typing chat on Skype.
Views I got from them were:

“It’s awesome to give them a chance”
“On the downside, you see, or hear of some horrible circumstances… on the upside, you can make a huge difference to them.”
“On the downside, you often make bonds that you have to break”
“On the downside , it can be heart wrenching dealing with damaged kids , you can end up damaged too”
“You need to be able to keep a degree of detachment”
“Could be heartbreaking when nothing you do makes a difference”
“Its a great aspiration”

It was lovely of them to take the time to point out some thoughts that they had about fostering, and they have been right there through the assessments, training and now since we’ve been fostering.

We’ve been really lucky, all of our family and friends have been really supportive of our decision.

So to all the friendly ears who have supported this decision, thank you for the extra little shove in this direction. It made the decision so much easier knowing that you were all right there behind us.


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