Where is he now?

MM and I went to a foster care meeting being held by the department today.
We were a little apprehensive about going, not knowing how we fit into the scheme of things as respite and emergency carers. We thought it would be targeted more towards short and long term carers, but because we got an invitation to go, we went.

When we got there we saw a man walking in, “John”. The social worker of “Ben”. A man I hadn’t seen since “Ben” left our care about 9 months ago. He smiled politely when he saw me, the smile of…I know your face but I’m not really sure who you are. That’s ok, we spoke over the phone a few times, and only met once, and in his work, I didn’t expect even a glimmer of recognition.

I introduced us (MM hadn’t met him before) and told MM that “John” was “Bens” social worker.

We started to chat and then…..we got an update.
I wasn’t expecting one. With the type of care we provide, we don’t expect updates. We know that once the children pass from us to the next stage of their life journey our ‘need to know’ is gone.
It was lovely of “John” to give us an update.
After our week with “Ben” they were able to find an extended family member for him to go to.
And that’s where he’s been ever since.
His behaviour still has moments, but, for the most part, he is doing better at school, and is more settled.
*contented sigh*

So nice to get a positive update.
To hear, that he is going well is amazing.
We will never know if the week he spent with us has helped him settle, and really, that doesn’t matter.
What matters is  we were able to provide “Ben” a safe place until the department could find him permanent placement.

We can go to bed tonight knowing that for this little man, we helped him through a troubled time, and he’s coming out the other side with family that love him and are giving him the stability he needs.

Big smiles tonight and pleasant dreams.


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