Some assembly required

“Blake’s” Ba-ack.

Part of our plan to get the little man to sleep without howling is keep him busy and even busier.
We have more planned to help with the sleep see Snoopy saves the day

So, tonight, while waiting for the lasagne to cook we asked if he would mind giving MM a hand to assemble a play castle. ‘Mans’ work after all.
It’s not a big job, but it made him feel helpful and we’ve been putting it off, s0 now it’s done. Yah!

We never would have imagined that he would be so taken with it. That’s our issue, it’s a pink and purple castle, and my neice called it her fairy castle when she owned it, so, we thought a little man would not have a bar of it. We were gladly wrong.

“Blake” helped assemble the castle, and then as the self appointed King proclaimed that it needed cleaning, so, we his minions were sent for cleaning products. We three got stuck into cleaning, well, MM and I cleaned and somehow King “Blake” just made it muddy.

The King has spent many hours in the castle this weekend. He has used it as a tank blowing up the enemy (poor Bella), as a race care track (the slide made a great track), as a production line (the slide doubles as a conveyor belt), as a fort where intruders were told to get off the property and at one point part of the roof was removed and placed in the middle of the lawn as a boat and with a length of gold ribbon he was able to fish.

It’s been so great to see “Blake” doing more creative play this weekend. Other weekends he has needed more direction, but thanks to one hand me down castle, the little man has had a great weekend being different characters.

To do list…old clothes for dress ups to enhance the play. Any suggestions for keeping the costs low?


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