The picnic


Our agency had an Easter picnic and guess who was there?
Little “Catelyn”.

We knew she was going to be there, so it was something I was really looking forward to.
I know, a baby isn’t going to remember me.
To get to have another cuddle.
To get to see that gorgeous little cherub face.
To see how much she’s grown in the 6 weeks since we looked after her.

The best part, it was the day that she moved on from her emergency care family to her ‘forever family’….well, as forever as the courts decided.

So, how did the picnic really go?

I made a CD with all of the pictures we took of “Catelyn” for each of her families, old and new, so that they each have some baby photos of her. Turned out a handy way to introduce ourselves to the new family.

MM managed to get a cuddle. The new family asked if we wanted a cuddle and he ran to her, I mean LITERALLY ran to her. I have never seen him run. I didn’t know he could *giggle*. But, somehow I missed out on a cuddle. That’s ok, I still got to spend some time with her she seeing that cute smile and her little teeth. “Catelyn” was teething when she was here, and now she has 4 teeth!

And guess what? I got a bit teary. Ridiculous I know. What can I say. I’m a sook.
I still want to be a “mum”. To have a little person all my own. “Catelyn” was such a lovely baby, it makes me want one. It’s that moment it hits me, that as an emergency and respite carer, no one will ever really think of me as their mum, and despite a few people telling me this is such an amazing thing we’re doing, loving and caring for many children rather than just one or two, having an influence on many, there’s still times that bring me to tears wanting one of mine.

Is that selfish?


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