Respite for Easter. What the…??

It seems we are going to have another visit from “Blake”, the Easter weekend.
Now before you all hop up and down and call me all sorts of names, we’re happy to provide respite for the little man. We’re happy to provide respite over Easter. But, I’m not happy that respite is required.

Does “Blake” have some challenging behaviours…yeah!
Does “Blake” push your buttons….yeah!
Does “Blake deserve to spend a special weekend with his ‘family’ …HELL YEAH!!!!

Ok, so, I might have plans to spoil him.
I might be a bit excited about having a little person in the house so I can do the Easter Bunny stuff.
I might be happy to have him here so soon so that we can see if the sleep progress we made works again and
I know my family will treat him just like all the other grand babies (maybe more spoiled to be honest), but..

I believe he should be home.
I believe he should be with his foster family.
I believe he should be made to feel included, and that regardless of behaviour he is part of the family.

I can’t imagine how he must feel about this.
I can’t imagine how his behaviour is going to be that weekend.
I can’t imagine what must be going through his little head.

This isn’t our first Easter with kiddies.
Last year we had “Kelly” for the 4 days over Easter.
We have had kids due for mothers day, but that’s a no from me, I don’t always cope well with mothers day, so, having kids around isn’t a good plan.
We’ve even had a kidlet scheduled for their birthday, and it was going to go ahead, until a BIO-family member got the all clear to visit from interstate so they stayed home.

So foster carers……

Negotiate with your respite people. For us it’s school holidays. We could have provided care during the following week instead. Maybe you could have a different weekend.

I know these little people come with some pretty big baggage, and they have their challenges. That’s why we do respite. To help you, to provide you with some ‘sanity’ time so that you can continue to be the best carer you can be, to help keep these placements working so that these precious little peple don’t get moved on to the next person because they just got too hard. I know you need and deserve respite (and a medal) but they deserve to be a part of your family, to feel loved and wanted.

So, if your respite weekend falls on a special event weekend, birthday, Easter, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day…please think about the impact on the little person if you still send them off to respite.
Ok, they might have fun, they might get spoiled, but they aren’t with you, their family.


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