Ma and Pa have taken a 5 day holiday (their longest trip away since moving to the farm) and we are the farm sitters. It’s peaceful, quiet, no phones ringing, no interwebby and no emails.
Just fresh air and animals.

At the time of Ma and Pa booking their holiday, MM had been not working for a few months, so it was going to be a lovely break. It’s a free holiday for us. Fridge and freezer are always full, no accommodation to pay for, what more could we ask for?

What we didn’t bargain on was MM getting called to work for a month and our ‘holiday’ right smack in the middle of that month. So, it became a question of, does he say he can’t do the week we are away or does he commute to and from the farm or do I go to the farm and he stays home?
Answer, he commutes. We can’t say no to the work,( he doesn’t get any welfare payments when not working so we make do on my income – extreme budgeting!) and my darling wouldn’t hear of me staying alone at the farm, so he opted for the 3 hours of driving every day. He gets home exhausted from work and the driving, and I am exhausted from just being here. I am sure it’s the air. Oh, and maybe the 15,000 steps a day walking around the farm (Pa loaned me his pedometer when they left, and it has surprised me how quickly the steps add up).

Today, I just went and sat on a rock out in the paddock with the cows. A few bothered to lift their heads up to see what I was doing, or maybe it was the 3 dogs they were interested in. Yes, 3 dogs. Ma and Pa’s 2 and of course, Bella is here on holiday with us. It was so relaxing, just listening to the magpies and the galahs, the odd moo from a cow and baa from a sheep. The sun was shining, the sky clear and blue, and all was right with the world. No car sounds, no peoples. Just peace and quiet.

MM, I am so sorry you can’t enjoy this with me. I know that if you were here, we would just grab a picnic blanket and sit out in a paddock with a good book and some sandwiches and a bottle of water and not speak, but just enjoy being together and relishing the silence and let the sunshine melt all our stresses away.

What’s your favourite thing to do for some R’n’R?


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