Aliens among us

I’ve come to the realisation that having foster children is like having an alien from another planet arrive in your home.
They have no idea of our ways, and we of theirs.
We don’t know their medical issues.
We don’t know what they eat.
We don’t always understand their vocabulary (especially the little ones, it’s always tricky to get their ‘words’).

They arrive and we assume that because they have been in the universe for ‘x’ years, that they have certain knowledge about how things work, but they don’t. Whether they have come from their biological families, or from another foster family we make assumptions about these little ‘aliens’ and we’re pretty much always wrong.

So, I plan to keep reminding myself that these little people are ‘aliens’ and treat their time with us as a learning experience. Time for us to learn about them, and us to teach them about our world. Hopefully this little thought will help when the little kidlets push buttons and try our patience.

What have you done to help yourself stay sane through the button pushing tests?


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