My Angel

I haven’t been blogging very much in the last 2 weeks as I have been sick and not feeling up to using my brain.
It’s been a long worrying 2 weeks for me. I’ve been having similar symptoms to many years ago and my pelvic abscess dramas, but according to the GP it’s just gastro. My blood pressure has been through the roof, and strangely my heart rate has been sitting around 120 bpm when I’m at rest.

Through this MM has just been amazing.
Doing all the cooking, cleaning, taking my pulse everyday making sure it’s coming down (it’s now down to about 96 bpm so I guess I’m on the improve) and just being fantabulous.
As if that’s not enough, this week he’s also been driving me around for work (I do a lot of driving) and then sitting waiting in the car for an hour or so while I’m in rehearsal before driving me to the next school.

So, to my Angel, thank you for looking after me.
Thank you for making me take time off work to get better.
Thank you for saying no to the emergency placement requests that came through while I was sick so that I could recover fully.
Thank you for being so supportive and wonderful.
Thank you.


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