Mothers Day

The blessing and curse for all women.
I find it a difficult day.
We, well I, asked that we not have any respite placements for the weekend.
We were due to have “Kelly”, and while I feel badly that we didn’t have her, having her would have been very difficult for me, so it was a kid free weekend for us.
My sister and her tribe of kids were off doing their own thing, so I was even spared from dealing with her and her 4 kids.
We had a lovely day, cooking lunch for Ma and Pa at the farm, and having no kiddies around we were able to talk adult talk, a nice change I must say.

Had a most pleasant surprise when we got home and I logged into Facebook.
I had wished all the mums a Happy Mothers Day and got home to see a couple of lovely replies from friends which I have to share with you.

One read
“I thought of you with all the Mothers’ Day stuff. May you be appreciated and acknowledged! – and just share the love.”
and the other
“you too – enjoy!!
Making a difference for many lucky kids- ‘multi- mum’!!”

How blessed am I to have such thoughtful friends.
I may have an idea to make myself a super hero outfit now because I’m “MULTI-MUM”

What was your highlight of the day?


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