How did you prepare for a new child coming into your home?

It was a big project.
I was single at the time and my three bedroom home was a one bedroom home with 2 rooms full of stuff, so I had to start by making one of the junk rooms a bedroom.
So, when I started seriously thinking about fostering I got into one of the rooms and chipped away at the clutter and made myself an empty space. Then, out to the shed to find my bed frame, it got scrubbed and bought inside and assembled, and then I realised I had no slats for the mattress to sit on so off to the hardware store for some wood and a saw.
It felt so good to assemble the bed and prepare the room.

By the time I had my first home interview I had one room prepared, and by the time I had my final home check I had 2 spare rooms ready to go.

Many thanks have to go to the people that helped with donations of a bed, cot, change table, bookcase, children’s books, toys and linens. This meant that I could be prepared for children from birth to 12 years of age with minimal initial outlay, having only to purchase a good car seat. Dad found a convertible car seat that goes from rearward facing for babies to front facing for infants and adjusts to take children up to 8 years of age. It wasn’t cheap, but because it’s suitable for all age groups I only have to have the one which is fantastic.

How did you prepare?


One thought on “How did you prepare for a new child coming into your home?

  1. Our situation was a bit different because we knew we wanted to adopt. I designed the room just as I would as if I were having a biological child – with all the trimmings. I think it is wonderful that you have so much support to help you prepare for such a wide age group.

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