Why didn’t we adopt?

Here in Australia adoption is hard.
To speak ‘Australian’…..it’s bloody hard mate.

At the time I was looking at fostering, I was single, and we can’t adopt here unless you are a couple and have been in a marriage relationship for more than 3 years and more importantly, “Since 1996, there have been 4 – 6 children under the age of 12 months placed for adoption each year in South Australia. No older children have been placed in recent years.”*

Adoption of overseas children here starts with fees approximately $11,000 yes that’s Eleven THOUSAND dollars, and that’s before you travel overseas to collect the child, so, it’s a very expensive process, not to mention lengthy. If you think becoming a foster carer takes time, try to adopt here. It can be years. I’ve met a lady that was waiting for 5 years, before she gave up and fostered.

So, because I wanted to have children in my life, fostering was the only option available to me.

Very few children who are in foster care here are ever put up for adoption.
Court orders can have a child placed in care until they are 18 years of age, and if you are registered for long term care, it would be ‘like’ adoption, except, it’s not.

I know that sometimes a child’s guardianship order can change from being under the guardian of the minister, to Other Person Guardianship, which is the closest to adoption you can get. It gives the carers the ability to make more of the day to day decisions for the child without having to go through the department for permissions. This is always on a case by case basis, and at the moment I only personally know of a few instances where this has happened. I hope in time to find out more about the numbers of children where this happens.

Still to come…why did we do respite and emergency care and not long term care….I’ll keep you posted (pun intended).

* From Adopt An Australian Born Child on the DECD website


5 thoughts on “Why didn’t we adopt?

    • It really depends on the family they are placed with. Some families consider the children part of their family regardless and they stay with them just as their own biological children would. Other families help the child transition into their own place. It can also depend on the child’s case worker as well. Some encourage the children to move out on their own as soon as possible even when the family are happy for them to stay.

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