No one wants us

“Leanne” was a huge inspiration for me to become a foster carer.
She was a student and there was nothing remarkable about her. She was a quiet achiever, no problems in rehearsal with behaviour, just a normal kid. As the year went on, she started hanging back after rehearsal for a chat. She would walk with me to my car chatting all the while. Time went on and she started telling me more about herself. The teacher that I worked with knew her background and told me that the things “Leanne” was sharing, she didn’t share with very many people and that I was very lucky to have her confide in me. I was told a bit more of her history by the teacher so that I knew where she was coming from.

The things this young lady had been through…oh my lordy!

One day, on our walk out to my car she was telling me that she was in residential care, because “nobody wants us”. My heart broke for her. This poor young girl and her siblings had been through so much and now to feel that no one wanted them. I told her that it wasn’t that she wasn’t wanted but that there is a massive shortage of foster carers, and as the department want the family to be able to stay together, finding a home able to take so many children is very difficult. She told me that I should become a foster carer, and thus the seed was planted.

On future chats I told her, that I had taken her advice and had applied to become a foster carer.

Over the next 12 months, I kept her updated and was so happy to be able to tell her once I was all approved, which happened to be at the same time she and one of her sisters had been placed with a family.

So to “Leanne”, thank you so much for taking me into your confidence and inspiring me to become a foster carer.
You were not just a light bulb moment for me, but more like a huge neon sign hitting me in the head.


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