Little Daddy

“Mork and Mindy” came to us and very little was known about their background. There were some suspicions that the department had, but they didn’t really tell us about them, it was when we were giving them our observations that we would get comments like “we’ve been wondering about that”.

One of these was “Mork” being little daddy.
These two little munchkins would wake up early but be really quiet.
Some mornings I would lay in bed listening to the goings on for a bit just to see what they would do in a strange house when left to their own devices.

A typical morning would be one of the kiddies waking up and then sneaking into the room of the other to wake them up.
“Mork” would then get himself dressed and select an outfit for “Mindy” and help her get dressed if she needed a hand.
They would then tip toe downstairs to put “Mindys” night nappy in the bin (the first morning I found it under a bed, so we had a chat about it and they were good about putting it in a bin) and then they would sneak back upstairs and play in “Morks” room.

They would play quietly at first, and gradually get louder as it got closer to breakfast time.

“Mork” used to spend ages everyday sorting and hanging Barbie doll clothes when “Mindy” wanted to play Barbies.
He cleaned up after her.
He played the games she wanted to play.
He watched ‘The Lorax’ everyday because she wanted to.
He came and got us the night we forgot to turn on her night light (our first introduction on the importance of night lights for foster kids).

You learn about children parenting their siblings in the training, but it’s not until you see it happen that you really get to thinking.

Did they get in trouble for waking adults at home?
Did they get in trouble for making too much noise?
Did “Mork” have to do everything for “Mindy” because no one else did? Or because he was made to?


One thought on “Little Daddy

  1. We had a friend who had a little girl like this… She was always taking care of baby brother, even feeding him. She was 2 and he was 1 when they came into care. It is something you wonder about, but often never find out about for sure. Sweet babies just did what they had to do to survive.

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