The Incident

It was a two part incident actually.

Part 1 was in the morning. MM had to intervene when the girls were having a yelling match, with “Louise” even smacking “Thelma”.

All that “Thelma” would say it was over was that “Louise” wouldn’t let her look in her back pack. The department very nicely give the kids a brand new bag with a few sets of clothes, underwear, crafty stuff and a toiletries bag with shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and as we found for the girls hair ties and other bits and pieces age appropriate. “Thelma’s bag included deodorant and lip gloss.

Not much was said in the afternoon about it when I got home, other than we explained that we don’t like that behaviour here, if they have any issues, walk away and come and get one of us.

Part 2 came when “Louise” was getting ready for bed.

I heard CEEEEEE JAAAAAAY hollered at me, so off I went to see what could possibly be the problem. Her new pyjamas were missing. So, we sat on the floor and looked through her bag to find them, and lo and behold the first thing I found when I opened her bag was my nieces princess dress up dress. Hmmmmm. As we started taking everything out of the bag it rapidly became clear that EVERY item of clothing in the bag was from our collection of spare clothes for the foster kiddies. There was nothing at all of “Louise’s” in the bag. I put all of the clothes into an empty laundry basket, by the time we had emptied her bag, the basket was full.

It seems we had found why “Louise” went to battle with “Thelma” in the morning. She didn’t want to get found out. Just a shame she didn’t remember in the evening where she had put her PJ’s (yes, in “Thelma’s” bag, along with all of her other clothes).


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