Ah….Weekend ‘off’

We just had a weekend kidlet free. Mmmmm. So nice to have time to ourselves.

During the week we let our lovely PSW know that we were going to visit a friend who’s husband recently passed away over the weekend, so, we didn’t think we should take a respite or emergency placement as we didn’t think it would be nice to take children there. We had a lovely visit, coffee, cake, chat, playing ‘bunny’ with little 5 year old daughter and thanks to Ma and Pa, we delivered an esky full of beef, lamb and chicken from the from the farm to help them out at this time.

What else did we do that amazed me….the grocery shopping. Well, that’s not amazing, but getting it done in 30 minutes was! No little “Blake” and the “I want…” game. No “Kelly” walking a snail speed, and while yes she has mobility issues, when it’s going somewhere she wants, she has the ability to walk at a really brisk pace, around the supermarket, not so fast.

We slept in. Both days. Until 9 am. Unheard of!!

We started a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, and should have it finished before our next kidlet arrives.

We visited my parents with no little people so we got to have ‘adult’ conversation.

So nice to have that time to us.

Funny how the little things, like grocery shopping, are so different without kidlets.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you have kid free time?

Thank you MM for making it a lovely weekend.

Thank you PSW for encouraging us to make time for ourselves to rest and recharge our batteries.


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