Planning for Christmas

I suppose you think I’m a bit batty preparing from Christmas in June.
I suppose in a way I am.

But, as we only have a certain number of respite weekends with “Kelly” before Christmas we need to get started.

Last year we managed for her to knit her ‘sister’ a scarf for Christmas. “Kelly” helped out with some chores and earned the money to buy the yarn, and then made the scarf with some help from me. She was quiet proud of her achievements, and I’m proud of what she did as well. We’re trying to teach her that it’s not about how much money you spend on someone, but the thought you put into the gift and the effort.

So now we’re working on a scarf for “Kelly’s” nana, which again, “Kelly” earned the money to buy the yarn.

Next, something for ‘Dad’.

I’m thinking we could make some rag placemats, great for hand dexterity with all the plaiting involved.

eg rag rug

Any other suggestions???


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