What a day

What started as a regular Friday leading up to a “Kelly” weekend took a turn when the amazing PSW rang and left a cryptic…”Can you call me as soon as you can” message. Ok, so 2 options, no “Kelly” for the weekend or there’s an emergency, which would be strange for her to call us about with “Kelly” due.

As soon as I rang, I could tell from her voice it was an emergency.

A little brother and sister were in need of respite for the following week, but needed to start from Sunday, and it’s now Friday so it’s quite important for us to make a quick decision. Could we do this? It meant having 3 kiddies Sunday afternoon/evening, and 2 separate school runs on Monday morning, in opposite directions to where we live, of course, one school wouldn’t be on the way to the other.

Of course we could.
So the afternoon was busy for all involved.
PSW busy organising the hand over notes for us (one little munchkin had quite severe medical issues we would have to deal with), getting permission from “Kelly’s” social worker for us to have the other kiddies here while she was here, and getting approval for us to exceed our registration of having two children, to have three instead.
Us, organising an extra child car seat, preparing the room for them (presently it’s set for 2 boys, so it was just a matter of changing sheets and quilt cover to butterflies) and working out the logistics of school drop offs and pick ups.

And then, at the last minute, that call that undoes everything. For whatever reason, the children’s carer no longer needed respite.

I’m getting better at dealing with these last minutes cancellations. It’s not the first time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but I do get all excited at new babies coming to us, so it’s always a bit of a let down when the plans get cancelled. But, it is nice that the kiddies don’t need respite though.

How do you deal with the last minute decisions that are thrown your way as a foster carer?

P.S. PSW….you have a tell. You sound really cheeky when you’re sizing me up for an emergency placement, just so you know.


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