The end is nigh

Our last weekend with “Blake” is coming up.

For a one off weekend of respite, we will have had “Blake” for 6 weekends in the last 5 months, and that’s with our lovely PSW saying no to the weekend just passed (it was a “Kelly” weekend and as he has sexualised behaviours he can’t be placed with other children, so we couldn’t help out).

For the most part of our time with “Blake” has been lovely. There have been some hiccups, also known as learning experiences for us, there have been the going to bed sagas, but other than that, he has mostly been a happy little man to have around.

At the end of the month the regular respite carer that we have been filling in for will be back from holidays and he will resume one weekend with her, and next fortnight with other respite carer. We have been asked to consider having him one weekend every other month, to which we have said no.
We had “Blake” for several respites quite close together and we found we were able to get routine happening with him and our weekends were much less stressful, particularly at bedtime, for all involved. It wasn’t until we had an 8 week gap that the original issues popped back and it was like starting over.

We’ve discussed our thoughts with our PSW and we think that he would be better with less respite carers not more. We think he needs to have consistency, routine and predictability. It must be really hard for him, 3 respite carers, plus his home. That’s 4 lots of routines, house rules, expectations. How confusing it must be for him.

So, with the end in sight I will make him a DVD of all of the photos we have taken of him while he has been here, and do a little party at the farm.

Any other suggestions??


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