To party or not to party, that is the question

We have been invited to a party.
A children free party.
It’s never been an issue for me before, I don’t have kids, so when my friends with kids have parties that say on the invitation “book a babysitter” I’ve never had to worry.
But…this time we will have “Kelly” for the weekend.

So what to do.
Options I see for us are….
a) Don’t go
b) Have respite only for Sunday night not Saturday night
c) Have no respite for the weekend at all
d) Approach the department and see if “Kelly” can spend the night at my parents house. They have been police checked so it should be ok, but I must say, it feels weird looking for respite for our respite kiddo.

We talked to “Kelly” about the dilemma. She really wants to stay at the farm (How cool is that!?!)
But, sadly it’s going to come down to one persons choice at the department.

Are there other options that we haven’t thought of?

What do you think we should do?


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