Diana’s Dilemma

Our very short time with Diana was such an eye opener for me.
It was the first time we’d had a teenager, a runaway, a kid with a history with the law.

I heard a couple of hours after I’d left her with staff from the department in the city for her court appearance that she had managed to run away but that she had been talking about the new clothes I’d bought her in the morning so it was believed she would make her way to our house to come and get them. There went our plans to go out for the night to a work function. We waited and waited, all weekend, and still no Diana.

The following week I managed to find out that she had appeared at court on Monday when she was required to (one good thing) but because of her history she was now in the juvenile detention centre. I couldn’t imagine how that must be for her, so I asked around, could I go and visit with her.

It seemed to be a difficult question to get an answer to, I think because we’d only had Diana overnight, no one could understand why I would want to. So why? Simply because she needed to know someone cared, someone was worried about her, and that even though she was with us only for a night, she could turn to us if she needed to. By the time I got an answer (and it was yes) she was due to be released in a couple of days and I now had work commitments I couldn’t rearrange in time.

So, what was Diana’s dilemma?
Well, when she was due to be released, her family wouldn’t take her home and the judge wouldn’t allow her to go to a residential care facility, so she had 2 choices, stay where she was or come to us. The big question. Would we take her?

After a long meeting with “Angel” (our PSW) talking about all the possible issues we could have with her (running away being the main one) we said yes, we would take her back in.

So what was Diana’s choice?
Well, somehow she managed to convince her grandma to let her go and live with her.
A happy ending….or is it?


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