So what happened to Diana?

A couple of months after preparing ourselves mentally for the challenge of taking in a teen with serious running away tendencies, and then that moment of, yah, she’s with her family so now we can breathe, the phone rang.
It was her social worker.
I’m sure you could have heard my heart pounding.
What was going on?

Did they need us to take her now?

Well, it turned out she just wanted her new clothes that we’d bought together.

So, in I went to the office to drop them off. I hadn’t done it earlier because I really thought she would end up with us, and we’d need them.

When her social worker came out to collect them from me, I just casually asked how “Diana” was going. I wasn’t expecting anything more than “OK”. What came next floored me.

The social worker shared some information that I wasn’t expecting and also told me that she is now with her step dad, and at that point in time hadn’t run away for over a week.
She’s found somewhere she can feel settled.
A new beginning for “Diana”.


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