Party on!

We’ve heard from “Kelly’s” social worker about a few things, she even called me…Yah!!

  1. When we go to the party in a few weeks, “Kelly” is allowed to sleep over at the farm with Nana and Papa (that will make one VERY happy young lady).
  2. We can take “Kelly” for swimming lessons. We wanted to put her into classes when she comes to respite a year ago, but as she has had several changes in social worker it got put aside and now, it’s back. It’s something “Kelly” is interested in doing as it’s not something her foster siblings do, so it will be an activity just for her.
  3. In a couple of months we are taking “Kelly” to the theatre. It was something I just mentioned in passing to her social worker, and she loves the idea and said if “Kelly” enjoys it, she said we can order the DVD and she / the department will pay for it.

Such a great conversation today.

So nice to be getting on the same page and working together for “Kelly”.



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