Dear Santa part 2

No, this is not me asking for more things for Christmas.

After I came up with my wish list for Christmas I ran it past MM.

He didn’t say no.

He didn’t say yes.

He did however ask me a LOT of questions.

I knew he would. I’d done a fair bit of thinking about it before I mentioned it to him so I was prepared.

Now, “Angel” has read the post (yes, my awesome support worker takes time to read my blog, isn’t she lovely?) and she has questions for me.

I’m hoping they’re the same questions MM asked.

What questions do you think I should be expecting?

Part 2.1

Well, wouldn’t you know it. In the middle of writing my post, “Angel” called. We had a bit of a chat about my letter to Santa. Just clarifying a few things.
Did this mean we wanted to change to long term care?
Have I thought about how I’m going to cope when the time comes for bubby to move to a long or short term placement?
Do I know that an emergency placement with a baby is a 7 week minimum placement?
That sometimes these placements can stretch out to short term placements?
How will this effect our regular respites with “Kelly”?

So, at the end of the call, I’m wondering if I can do this.
It’s not ability to care for baby.
It’s ability to give baby to their ‘forever’ family.


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