Dawdle Dawdle..ARGH !!!

This morning It took “Kelly” 40 minutes to get showered and dressed.

OK…it’s Sunday, but we had somewhere to go and that’s an awfully long time.

I find myself getting frustrated at her slowness and then I get frustrated with myself for getting frustrated.

So, what to do?

Well, I’ve been reading “Kids, parents and power struggles” and so it was time to put this learning into action.

Recognising that I don’t like dawdling and she is a dawdler means we need to find a solution that works for both of us. MM seems to be quite relaxed about it, maybe that’s because one of his children was much worse for getting ready.

In the car I raised my problem and asked for help. What can we all do to make it so “Kelly” doesn’t get nagged and feel harried, and so I don’t get as frustrated.

Solution….I will work on chilling out. “Kelly” will work on not being so slow.

We told “Kelly” about 3 different results on Monday’s when getting ready for school, getting up at the same time and leaving for school at the same time.

a) was ready, made her own lunch and had time to read for 15 minutes.

b) was ready and made her own lunch

c) was ready

We have asked why sometimes she can get ready in time, and others not, and she doesn’t know.

We don’t know.

Tomorrow we find out if any of our chat has sunk in. Can she get herself organised in a timely fashion?


2 thoughts on “Dawdle Dawdle..ARGH !!!

    • She has been much better since we had a chat about how frustrating it is.
      It’s been working at our house, but apparently the things we try to teach “Kelly” don’t follow on to her at home. But, at least for us she’s getting better.

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