Did the chat work?

7.01 wake up “Kelly”. She goes to have a shower.

7.14 “Kelly” gets out of the shower (I can hear the water stop running down here)

7.35 “Kelly” is still upstairs. What is she doing up there? I can feel myself getting frustrated but, maybe she is packing her bag, so I’ll chill out and wait a few more minutes.

7.37 “Kelly” pops into the room I am in to tell me she’s had her breakfast and is going to make her lunch. (Seems she came downstairs in just socks so I didn’t hear her clomp down the stairs)

7.46 lunch is made and she needs a hand wrapping it. (almost 10 minutes to make a sandwich! I suppose Rome wasn’t built in a day) then it’s time to go upstairs and check that she has packed everything. I help “Kelly” remake her bed so that it doesn’t look like there is still a person in the bed. We go downstairs and she writes in her ‘respite book’ her highlights of the weekend and her check list of things she will need to bring to respite in 2 weeks.

8.07 All ready and 10 minutes to spare so she gets a choice. Read a book or go online to google play for apps for her tablet (she has a gift card to use)

8.18 in the car and off to school and a chat about how well she did today.

CJ: What did you do differently today?

K: nothing, I just told myself to be a bit faster.

CJ: Do you feel as though you were rushed or hurrying?

K: No

CJ: If you can do that again next time then we can start letting you have a few minutes extra sleep. Wouldn’t that be nice?

K: Yes.



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