Just what the doctor ordered

We were asked during our review if we were free on the weekend for a respite placement. A little boy. I can tell you, with our “Blake” weekends in our minds, I’m sure we were both wondering what the weekend would hold for us. Well, it was a lovely weekend with an awesome little man.
“James” was dropped off by his ‘mum’ and MM sat on the ground out the front chatting to him while I asked a few questions of ‘mum’…bedtime, bath or shower, are we dropping him home or will she pick him up. By the time we were done, “James” was all ready to come inside and start exploring the house with us.

We went through all the rooms upstairs and let him choose his bedroom. The exploring starts with the bathroom so he knows where that is, then he got to choose which room he wanted to stay in. One has a bed with a floral cover, the other had robots. The last room upstairs is ours, so we showed him where it is, and explained we sleep with our door open, so if he needs anything he can just come and get us. I’d had an opportunity to ask ‘mum’ before he arrived what his favourite food was, so we had lasagne for dinner and apparently it was almost as good as mum’s!

On Saturday we took him to the farm, and despite getting stuck in the mud and starting to panic, once I rescued him and he covered my jeans in mud from his boots, he was back to normal and bubbly again. His highlight, helping MM drive the little tractor (ok, sitting on MM’s lap on the ride on mower)

Sunday I had to work for a while so the boys made a photo book of pictures taken from our day at the farm, they did the grocery shopping (“James” had 50 cents and wanted to buy a toy car, so MM chipped in the other $2.50), they had lunch out and spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies and playing “go fish”.

Other than being a never ending food pit and sucking on his fingers, we had no troubles with “James”. Even when he woke up in the mornings, he just played quietly in his room until I got up…his choice, not our rule. In fact, the first morning, I walked in to find him sitting on the floor trying to read by the light from the night light. His finger sucking is clearly a self soothing thing, and seeing as he was with ‘strangers’ for the weekend, we said nothing about it.

After my emotional week (see Demons I never knew I had) it was so lovely to have such a lovely child, just what the doctor ordered, a weekend of fun and laughs.

My favourite moment was when he came inside from playing outside on the farm he came and snuggled up to me and said, “did you see me on the swings?” and my favourite quote has to be
James: “Excuse me”
Me: “Yes”
James: “No, I mean the Dad one”
Us: giggle

Our weekend was so lovely. A beautiful little man with lovely manners, a bubbly personality and just a pleasure to have in the house. We will miss you very much “James”. Our door is always open for you.


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