Are we bad?

We’ve been asked to have “Blake” again.

We’ve said no.

I’m feeling pretty guilty about it.

The weekend in question is pretty busy. We’ve been asked to go to a quiz night for one of the schools I work at, one of the places I teach piano has their mid-year concert, so I’d like to go and support my students, and one day I have rehearsals all day. It’s my busy busy busy school term!

The problem is we can’t take “Blake” to the quiz night. It’ll be a late night and he just wouldn’t cope. We have enough trouble getting him to bed with a routine, could you imagine what it’d be like if we had a late night!?! Not to mention, the hours of trying to get him to sit still for that long. We can’t ask my parents to babysit him. Again, he wouldn’t cope with the change of routine, and I wouldn’t want him stressing them out if he has one of his screaming sessions.

The mid-year concert is in the afternoon so getting him to bed wont be a problem (well, no more than usual), but it provides similar challenges in getting him to sit quietly while students perform. We could go and leave early if he gets too restless, but, he’s just such a  wild card. Will he just get restless or will he go banana’s?

The day I’m at rehearsals is fine, MM can look after him, but if we’ve already had 2 days of struggles, it has the potential to be a really hard day, and I prefer for tough days to be both of us, so we can support each other.

I told “Angel” it’s a no, but if it gets to the last minute and they still haven’t been able to find anything else, we can work it out, but, it’s hard knowing that we’ll have to NOT go to the quiz night, and possibly will only get about 20 minutes at the concert, as I really don’t think he’ll be able to sit for much longer than that.

“Angel” told me to prepare for having him as last time we had to say no (we already had a child booked in for respite, and “Blake” can’t be placed where there’s other children) he had to go to ’emergency respite’ which I don’t like. From what I can tell, its normally a ‘group home’and that just wouldn’t be the best thing for “Blake”.

This is hard. Do we put our life on hold for the weekend to take in the little man?

Why can’t his regular respite carers have him? He has 2 regular placements and we’re supposed to be just a ‘back up’ placement.

Are we bad to say no?


2 thoughts on “Are we bad?

    • Thank you.
      I struggle with saying no to placements and even more so with “Blake”.
      As it turns out it meant we were free to help out little “Amber” and while we couldn’t go to the quiz night she was a darling at the concert. I guess everything works out as it is supposed to.

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