Where is the voice of reason?

I rely on MM to be the voice of reason in the house. Otherwise my dream from the other night would be our reality. (I dreamt that we bought a four storey house and filled it with children).

MM is the sane one, the one that says “we aren’t the best fit for that child” or “we need to have a weekend to ourselves” or “will you be ok saying goodbye to a baby?”

So where is his reliable voice of reason now?

We went out for dinner to discuss all things ‘foster’. The possibility of the 2 little ladies who I found out are actually 3 and 4 (not 6), their behavioural challenges, how we’ll deal with them. Of course, we also needed to discuss the Dear Santa situation. What will we do if we get a baby placement?
His answers to my questions still boggle my mind.

I am the queen of asking ‘what if’.
Q & A’s

Q: What if we have to choose between taking a baby placement and the two little ladies?

A: We take the baby

Q: Why? the little ladies need us too, they have respite separately, we can take them together.

A: Because you really want a baby placement

Q: Are we able to have all 3 kiddies once a month?

A: We wont know if we don’t try

Q: My car isn’t big enough for three car seats. What do you think we should do?

A: Buy you a new car.

He blows my mind. I was expecting, choose respite girls of a baby placement that hasn’t happened, and might not happen. I was expecting 3 kids under 5 is crazy, we should go with one or the other placement and of course, I totally wasn’t expecting lets go look at cars.

So, my voice of reason has gone and in his place I have an amazingly supportive, almost as crazy as me person. Boy, do I love that man.


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