Children and Cyber Safety

How important is cyber safety with children?

We don’t have “Net Nanny” on our computer, but we don’t generally allow kids to use our computer, and when we do, we’re almost always in the same room, or popping in and out supervising. So imagine our surprise when trying to help one of the kids download something from google play to their tablet to find when we opened a new tab a porn site come up as one of the frequently viewed pages.

It was the child’s own device that they bought with them to respite, so there’s not much we can do about installing software to protect them, but it does highlight the need for ALL carers, respite, emergency, short term, long term and kinship to ensure that children’s tablets and laptops have an internet nanny program installed.

It’s now on our to do list and house rules may need to be reviewed in regards to the respite children bringing tablets with them and their usage.



2 thoughts on “Children and Cyber Safety

    • It took us completely by surprise and made us realise how vulnerable our children are in this info tech world.
      All the supervision you can provide doesn’t stop kids from accidentally stumbling upon some rather nasty stuff.

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