Amber Arrives

It’s my crazy busy school term. We don’t normally do emergencies during the week because of our work, and guess what….we have a kindy kid and it’s Wednesday.

She is an emergency respite situation. She’s been really pushing her carers buttons for the last few weeks. Hitting, spitting, kicking, slamming doors, and the big one, the silent treatment. Apparently “Amber” has hardly spoken to anyone in her foster family for a couple of weeks.

So, what have we had this afternoon and evening?

Little Miss Chatterbox.

She’s so cute, and bubbly.

“Amber” is here so that her carers can have a much needed break and help her older sister who is also with them settle down, her little sisters behaviours have been affecting her at school. So far they haven’t been able to find anything that works with managing her behaviours. We’ve been asked by “Angel” to keep notes and if any of “Ambers” behaviours start to see if we can find anything that works for her.

So far we have had a little girl who has settled straight in, she’s has been fine when she asked for a cookie and the answer was, “it’s dinner time, you may have one after dinner” AND we both got goodnight hugs.

Lets see what tomorrow brings!


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