Vanessa Williams said….

“It’s not the way I hoped or how I planned
But somehow it’s enough”

I know it is from a love song, but those lyrics resonated with me on the way to the farm yesterday.

In the back seat of my car, there was a small child, napping in one of the two car seats in the back.

My car, the car I bought after I thought I would never have children, a small, 3 door hatchback, perfect for zipping around for work, was now the place for small people to nap.

I always thought I would have children, biological ones, but somehow, despite giving up on that dream, my car is constantly occupied by little people these days.

Is it how I hoped? No

Is it how I planned? Certainly not.

Is it enough? Yes. Strangely it is.

Thank you little “Amber” for coming into our lives and stealing my heart in the few days you were with us. You made me realise that what we are doing is special and important. Not just in sharing our home with you, and keeping you safe, but, you fill a part of my heart that I always thought would be empty.


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