Where are the girls?

I was doing a stint at the school Thelma and Louise went to and bumped into the principal, who I knew from the previous school they were at and couldn’t help myself. I had to ask about the girls.

Were they now living with Grandma interstate?

No. They were interstate, but a different one, with their Dad.

Yah!! They wanted to live with him and he had rung quite a few times in the few days they were with us to check on them and even put credit on “Thelma’s” phone so that she could call him whenever she wanted to.

We had a little chat about them and how quickly the move happened for them.

It was so nice to get an update. I am certainly blessed to have had so many updates on our emergency placement babies.

Happy to hear the girls are safe and where they wanted to be.

Another happy ending.


2 thoughts on “Where are the girls?

    • So do we. It’s one of the hard parts of doing emergency care, not knowing how the next chapter goes for the kids once they leave our home. It’s so nice to get an update

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