An interesting request

I love “Angel”. She called to check that everything was organised for “Johnny’s” pick up and dropped into the conversation “I have a regular respite placement to talk to you about, we might wait until next week”.
She knows I can’t wait until next week with that hanging out there.

Firstly, we aren’t getting the 2 little girls for respite. The placement team hadn’t figured into their plans my request for a baby placement and therefore the fact that would mean one weekend a month us having 3 children under 5,  our need for a bigger car, and the little girls would have quite a drive to get to us, so they have found a placement more suitable for them. Yah.

So what is the interesting request?

Little “James” (see here for his weekend with us) was a lovely little man and it seems he had such a great weekend with us that his carer has asked if we can have him more often.

We don’t know what this is going to look like yet. If it’s once a month or if it’s going to be on a “Kelly” weekend. More conversations to happen next week but it’s nice to be requested by the carer, especially as he lives a good hours drive from us. That’s a big commitment to bring the little fella such a long way. Nice to know he had a lovely weekend with us. Makes me wonder what it was about our respite weekend that would make them want to change respite placement.

What would make you want to change respite placement for your foster child?


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