Getting on the same page

I went to a meeting on Wednesday about “Blake”. Well, I went to a meeting and the other players rang in for a phone conference. I’m a bit old school, I think it’s nice to meet people face to face. I know that’s not always possible for people, but I try to where ever possible.

The players were all of his respite carers. Sadly his foster mum couldn’t be involved, she was in hospital with her daughter who had gone into labour a few hours earlier.

My “Angel” had suggested to his carers support worker that we all have a chat and try to sort out what problems we all have with “Blake” and how we deal with them so that we can help each other and ultimately help “Blake” have less stressful respite weekends.

So what issues do we all have?

Well, some of us have issues getting him to sleep without tears, others no problems.

We all have issues with him not bathing or showering and the hassles that come with trying to get him to.

“Blake” tends to run off at parks when there’s other children around to make a ‘best friend’ with all of us, except for one lady who tries to plan activities where there aren’t likely to be too many other children around to avoid this.

“Blake” struggles more at bedtime when his mum and dad have gone away for the weekend. (I’m not sure how to get around that one)

Some suggestions made to help:

If he doesn’t want to have a bath or shower, don’t worry about it, his foster mum is fine if he comes home filthy. (I’m not ok with this, I think he needs to learn to wash).

Have a communication book to go with “Blake” so all respite carers can share highlights, issues and strategies to provide a more consistent approach to his care.

“Blake” needs lots of warnings before events, including going to bed. At home her gets a warning 1 hour before bedtime, a reminder 30 minutes before, again at 15 minutes and 5 minutes before bedtime. (I must say, this would have been GREAT to know before his first placement with us, how much stress could have been reduced for everyone!)

Was good to start to get everyone on the same page to provide more consistent care for “Blake”.


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