Conversation of the week with Johnny

What a week we had with little “Johnny” his chatting would go from no words for hours to no stopping him.

One morning on the way to school I managed to get “Johnny” into chatty mode.

While we were chatting away on our drive I asked him what he’s going to be when he gets older and the conversation went like this:

“I’m going to be a garbage truck driver and you’re going to help me.”

“That’s a good job, people always need someone to take away their garbage, but how am I going to help you? How will I even get into the truck? I’ll be old then”

-“I’ll help you”

I’m not sure how he figured he was going to get me into a garbage truck but it still makes me smile.

What does your little one want to be when they grow up?
Do they plan on you working with them?



2 thoughts on “Conversation of the week with Johnny

  1. I loved this little story. My son is autistic and asked me the other week if he would one day get a job so all three of us could work (him, his dad and I). I told him he could work and I would retire. Lol.

    I think it’s wonderful that Johnny will help you into the garbage truck…just like you help him. 🙂

    • It was pretty awesome that he had a plan that involved me. Made my day.
      Also very cute that your son wants all three of you to work together. It’s moments like those that make the tough days worthwhile isn’t it?

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