Not like them!

In a week for reminiscing about our babies an “Amber” quote popped in my head.

We took little “Amber” to a concert some of my students were performing in. There weren’t enough seats so we had one seat for the 3 of us to share. “Amber” didn’t want to sit on her own, so I sat on the seat and she chose to sit on my lap.

She was so good during the concert. The family next to us were not so good. The youngest child had her shoes off and was smacking her brothers with them, and the brothers were climbing all over the place and being rather noisy.

Part way during the concert I swapped places with MM and while “Amber” was sitting on his lap she leant over to me and whispered “I’m being very good aren’t I?”

“Yes sweetie, you’re being super good.”

To which she replied in NOT a whisper
“Not like them!” as she pointed to the noisy family.

I couldn’t help but giggle.

Out of the mouths of babes.

What has your little one said out in public that made you giggle?



4 thoughts on “Not like them!

  1. We were recently at a camp for adoptive families. The counselors rewarded the kids with different color beads that represented various character traits. Our 7 year old was given a bead for being humble. In the middle of an assembly of all the adults and children he stood up and yelled, “OH YEAH! Nailed it!”

  2. That’s awesome at home, less awesome in church, the library or any where else really. My niece in her toilet training days would announce “Wee coming” and it would be a mad dash to the toilet to make it in time. Gotta love the littlies!

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