I had a dream

Ok, so I’m a bit ahead of myself, it’s September, so to be dreaming about Christmas might be getting just a little bit ahead.

In my dream it was the agency’s Christmas Picnic.

We went along, not having any kids, and me wondering if we were going to stick out amongst all the families.

MM and I set up our picnic blanket and up ran “Amber” for a hug.
Then over strolled shy little “Johnny” followed by “Terrance” and little “Catelyn’s” support worker helped her toddle over.

So, we were surrounded by some of our babies, laughing and chatting…well “Johnny” was watching and smiling.

Woke up with a smile bursting to tell MM.

I’ll keep you posted as to what REALLY happens later in the ear at the Christmas Picnic.

What a lovely dream.

What’s your favourite foster/adoption dream?


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