House rules

This was such a difficult thing for me to come up with.
Before foster kids it was just me and the dogs, and there aren’t really house rules when you have dogs other than, please don’t pee on the furniture.

I asked friends with children.
I looked online.
I didn’t like any of what I saw. Long lists of things kids CAN’T do.
I didn’t want children coming into my home to feel like they couldn’t do anything.

So, I thought and thought and thought.

Result…our house rule is:


Just the one word.
Just the one rule.
It covers everything…..seriously.

Kids yelling….are you talking with respect to other people?
Kids jumping on the furniture….are you treating the furniture with respect?
Kids hitting each other….are you treating the other person with respect?

And it goes both ways.

We have to treat them and their belongings with respect.
We don’t yell at them.
We do listen to them.

What are your house rules?
Did you have the children help you come up with them?


2 thoughts on “House rules

  1. I like it; respect gets to the heart of it. We do have some house rules rooted in respect and responsibility. We had an egregious violation recently; I didn’t punish but it was so disappointing and actually hurtful. Hope is getting better at exercising some decisions about rules she needs. It’s all a process though.

    • It is a process and when you know the background these children come from we wanted to keep it as simple as possible.
      Glad to hear Hope is making progress about the rules she needs. That’s such a big step.

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