Can you get a child to keep?

A question I’ve been asked a lot by well meaning people who see me sad at having to ‘give back’ a kiddy.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s crossed my mind, a lot.

The answers.

No, we wont be getting a child to ‘keep’. Our registration is for emergency and respite, and hopefully soon, short term as well.

Which means I get the question “why don’t you have long term registration”

Because to be the foster carer I would want to be, I would have to change or give up the work that I love and it is part of what makes me, me.

Also, we know that the care we provide is important to those we care for.

Emergency care is important for children first removed from their dangerous situations to have a safe home to come to.

Respite care is important for the children and carers we help with respite placements. “Kelly” for instance, her time with us gives her time with a ‘mum’ figure. “Blake” has some seriously challenging behaviours so for his carers, respite is needed so they don’t burnout and the placement can continue long term.

We are kind of having our cake and eating it to.

We know we are helping all the children that come into our home in some way, and we also have the flexibility to go interstate to visit MM’s kids and grandkids without the mountains of paperwork that come with wanting to take foster children over state lines.

I get to have children and do the work I love without feeling like I am not doing my job right or giving enough to my kids.

What sort of care do you do?

Do you work and have foster kids?

How do you juggle the two?



One thought on “Can you get a child to keep?

  1. I am a foster to adopt home. I do occasionally do respite for families but I am certified for the more challenged kids and never seem to have an empty house. I did get to keep the first two I fostered but have given back 22 kiddos over the years and most stay with me for 3-6 months. My current placement has been here since Feb and my longest placement was 2 years. I do work outside the home but have close working relationships with the daycare and after care (school age kids) program I use.

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