Q & A with MM

I thought it was time for MM to pop in and say hi and answer a few questions.


When I started on this path we were living indifferent states of Australia and it was initially a path I chose to take on my own. Choosing to move states to be with me meant you needed to go through all of the training and assessments.

Did you have any hesitations about moving states and doing all the training and assessments to become a foster carer?


You’ve had 4 children of your own.

How is foster caring similar to raising your own bio-kids?

Apart from being children, everything is different.

How is foster caring different to raising your own bio-kids?

Everything is different. You discipline them differently, eating a meal is different, some children won’t let you look at them while they eat, or they hide their food. Even their vocabulary and the way they speak and think is different because of the trauma they have been through.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

Being a male because there have been lots of issues for the children involving males in their lives and all the publicity in the media focuses on the males that have done the wrong thing by children.

How have you dealt with these challenges?

I’ve relied on the training taught to me.

What has been your greatest highlight so far in this journey?

Just seeing little changes that happen along the way.  Like “Thelma and Louise” who didn’t want to be here, but they also realised this was the best place for them and we’ve also seen some big changes in “Kelly” such as she now is more often her chronological age rather than her global development age. We see something good in all of them regardless of how long they are here.

What’s the best thing about being a foster carer?

Knowing that the little that we do, even if it only makes a little difference, it’s still a difference.

Does anyone else have any questions for MM?




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