Festival Fiasco

How much notice do you need to give someone to have them be prepared?

2 days? 2 weeks? 2 months?

Apparently none of the above.

I sent home information to “Kelly’s” dad that we would be taking her to the theatre for a music festival. Nice clothes would be required.

Imagine my surprise when she showed up with her nice clothes of purple jeans, green t-shirt and sneakers.

What the…!?!

I was so frustrated. I had sent home information to dad 2 months before the event. I’d talked to “Kelly” on our way to dropping her off the previous respite weekend. I’d even gotten her to write it in her respite notebook about a month before.

I got frustrated because this isn’t the first time she’s come with inappropriate clothes.

Like the thick fleecy pj’s in summer, the long sleeved shirts for going to a picnic in summer, only having her school shoes for the weekend, having no jacket in the middle of winter, the onesie pyjamas that were about 2 sizes too small, and that’s the times that spring to mind.

As respite carers it’s a bit unclear how much we are supposed to supply for “Kelly” over the weekend but I’m sure it’s not supposed to be her clothes. Over the last two years I’ve bought bits and pieces for her, which stay here so I know we have some things for her.

I rummaged around and found a nice skirt and embroidered top and a pair of cute ballet flats for her. We tried to do something with her hair and to try and keep it under control I used some hairspray and  I offered her some lip gloss to complete her outfit.

One young lady all ready for an afternoon at the theatre.

MM joined us later and was so good at telling us how lovely we both looked.

I  have come to realise that my idea of nice clothes and “Kelly’s” dads are probably different. Maybe he’s never been to the theatre and doesn’t know jeans aren’t ok. Maybe I needed to be more specific. Maybe I should have sent him a reminder message the day before.

Whatever the reason, I was able to work something out without having to go and buy her a whole new outfit and I’ve learned to be more specific with information that I send home.



2 thoughts on “Festival Fiasco

    • The stash has come about over the last two years through necessity and now as emergency carers the stash has grown to cover boys and girls clothes and PJ’s from newborn 0000 – clothes for 12 year olds. There are more kids clothes in the house than there are clothes for MM and I.

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