What do you think of when you think baby?

Do you think about very premature?

Do you think about drug withdrawals?

Do you think about twins?

I know I wasn’t thinking about that.

But now it’s in my head.

We had another meeting with “Angel” this week about the Dear Santa letter. Work is slowing down so now is the time to jump into this next stage of our foster care adventure.

A few months ago I went to an emergency carer support group meeting and all of the other carers there do 0 – 1 year emergency, with 2 exceptions. One other lady does 0 – 4 years and then there’s MM and I who do 0 – 13 years of age. I can tell you sitting there with all those other people who just do little tiny people made me wonder if we are a little bit nuts being prepared to take in such a wide age range of children.

When talking with these lovely ladies I got the impression that you get “A baby”. One lady is a retired neo-natal nurse, so she quite often gets the babies with health challenges, and will often have 2 at once (not unlike being at work for her I suppose) but, none of them mentioned twins, or sibling groups. I did have a dream about getting twins but didn’t really think that would happen to us.

Our meeting with “Angel” was great for making us think about options.

Would we be prepared to have twins? What about a sibling group with one of the children being a baby? Or maybe a very prem little baby or one going through drug withdrawals?

So I have a question for all of you.

What are your thoughts and opinions?

What experiences have you had?

What advice can you offer us?



2 thoughts on “What do you think of when you think baby?

  1. We have thought that all through. We’re prepared to take in a baby (or babies) that are premature, going through withdrawal. We made the decision to not accept placements with severe medical complications because we don’t feel that it is something we could handle financially or emotionally.

  2. I do not do infants as they terrify me…yes I am serious. I know my friend has done many chemically dependent babies and had to administer medications every two hours round the clock so it would be hard if you had a lot of work. I did 5 year old and an 11 month old siblings and the 5 year old had real issues letting me care for the baby as she had been parentified. You can work with it but just be aware it happens a lot.

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