Be careful what you wish for

It might just come true.

“Angel” came last week and we discussed what we would be prepared for in terms of a baby placement and of course, these things take time.


“Angel” goes on Holidays.

Over Christmas “Angel” went away for a month and in that time MM’s registration came through, our emergency placement registration came through and we got “Mork and Mindy” as our first emergency placement.

Now, “Angel” has gone away for 10 days. and guess what!

Yep, we’re getting a BABY!!!

It was 9.30 am Monday morning when the phone started ringing, and now in just 3 hours little “Jade” will arrive.

And when I say baby, I mean newborn. “Jade” is only 12 days old.

I’m starting to get nervous, I’m also excited, happy, terrified, elated, and curious.

What will it be like?

How much sleep am I about to say goodbye to?

How will I say goodbye in 10 days time?



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